Second News

Charleston supports Confederate family selling Slave Mammy dolls and their Slave new born babies at the Slave Auction Market. Charleston city patrol arrested the root man – Gullah tour guide for taking pictures of the Slave sale.
City also refuses to allow Godfrey KHill to operate his Black owned Charleston tourism business from the Slave Auction Market, simply because he is a Black African American Gullah male with a full head of hair. His family was Sold and Auctioned from that very Slave Auction Market, and still some of them work that very Slave Auction Market today.

Charleston has over 800 certified tour guides, yet only four of them are Black tour operators. Godfrey Gullah Jac is one of them. The city has fully controlled the narrative, and the telling of the history of their Slaves when Slavery was legal, and still Charleston fully controls the narrative and direction of the Gullah Geechee culture still to this day. Since the ending of the Four Hundred Year Curse of the Legendary Lost Tribes of Israel is ending, Holy Secrets are being unveiled…..

Deuteronomy 28
Genesis 15
Acts 5
Galatians 3
Acts 7
Acts 13
Isaiah 14
Rev 22