Godfrey Khill is Charleston only Native Gullah Historian, tour guide, and published author that is full-blood Gullah Geechee. His entire life has been devoted to his Gullah heritage and the ways of the elders. The truth will change the world as we know it. Politics, Churches, Religion and Slavery are all rolled up into one city called the Holy City of Charleston, SC.

Godfrey is the only true Gullah Geechee that speaks with facts about his heritage. The information being brought forth has never been revealed before now. The white men of Charleston’s slave trade tortured and killed their slaves if they were found learning about their true history or their true God. This is the reason why Charleston has the most churches of any city in the world, per capita. Charleston is number one for politics, churches, religion, and Slavery, and Godfrey Gullah Jac is the only Gullah man that is revealing the truth about the Gullah people.