Godfrey KHiLL launches several new tours in the Holy City. Charleston, has been voted again the #1 city in the World for the significant category of Tourism (Slave History)!

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The Holy City of Charleston is ranked top on the World for tourism going on 10 years in a row, because of its secrets about its lucrative Slave History, top in the World meaning ranked first above all other cities in the world for its Gullah, Black, African American, and Slave history that nobody talks about.
(Nahum 3, Revelation 22).
Gullah is the Root to Charleston’s Slave Trade & Redemption, with more having more churches than Rome. A powerful city ruling in Politics, Churches, Religion, and Slavery are all secretly controlled by the Holy City of Charleston, SC. The Holy City which is secretly located on the 33rd parallel with the Holy City of Jerusalem.

**Godfrey Gullah Jack: Discovering Charleston through Indigenous Eyes**
In the heart of Charleston, beneath the cobblestones and moss-kissed hanging trees, an authentic story waits to be unearthed. A story that predates the historical rings of slave ships carving paths in the Atlantic waters. A story only told by one man: Godfrey Gullah Jack, the sole full-blooded Barbenyah Ishi Native American Indigenous Indian tour guide in Charleston, South Carolina.
Take a step on the ‘road less traveled’ with Godfrey on a unique, immersive journey that deviates significantly from the scripted rote of every typical Charleston tour. Unlike his counterparts who robotically regurgitate a scripted narrative, Godfrey breathes life into each tour with his vibrant storytelling, rich with Barbenyah Ishi anecdotes, infused with the wisdom of Native American Indigenous Indians in their purest form.
Descending from the first peoples of this enchanting land, Godfrey is here to divulge truths that predate the arrival of slave ships at the Charleston Slave Auction Market. His exuberant narratives paint vivid pictures of a time when the Barbenyah Ishi, his ancestors, roamed freely, loving and tending the land long before it was taken over by colonizers.
But Godfrey does not just employ colorful tales. He becomes scripture, enunciating words with a potent resonance, evoking a spiritual connection that binds the listener to the land they traverse. Every tour is a revelation of heart-wrenching stories and enduring spirits from a time when the world was a different canvas.
Godfrey’s talent as a raconteur leads you to little-known nooks of Charleston, previously unexplored, brimming with undisclosed narratives buried in the annals of time. His words weave a magical tale that pierces the veil of innocence to reveal harsh truths, unblurred by time or interpretation.
At its core, each tour with Godfrey is an opportunity to explore, unearth, and reconnect with the veins that run through this historic city. It is a chance to learn and understand the tapestry of its social fabric, an invitation to look beyond the stately mansions and cobblestone streets, and delve deeper into Charleston’s untold history.
Ready to embark on this remarkable journey? The only thing standing between you and this magical exploration of Charleston is a phone call. Reach out to Godfrey Gullah Jack at 843.478.0000 or visit Gullahgeecheeafrica.com and join him as he peels back the layers of time, revealing the indigenous story of the city that you thought you knew.
Take the road less traveled, and nothing will ever be the same again. Let Godfrey Gullah Jack guide you through the hidden portals of time and history, and discover Charleston in its raw, unscripted glory. ‘Cause every other tour guide uses scripts, Godfrey Gullah Jack uses scriptures.

Every word is arrested and measured carefully, while silence yells…